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Entry Form

Please check in with each band member before answering this next question, to avoid having to pull out of the competition midway through.


Are there any dates your Band is NOT available to play?
What Genre does you Music fit with?

Band photo/logo:

Please upload a photo of your band and/or your logo for promotion and publicity purposes.

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Terms & Conditions

  • There are 3 rounds. 4 x Heats, 2 x Semi Finals and a Final. Ding Dong Lounge will provide judges who will find 2 winners in each Heat, who then go through to the Semi Finals. Then 2 winners will be selected at each of the Semi Finals, who will go through to the Final. 1st Place and 2nd Place will be selected by our judges at the Final.


  • Bands will be judged on the following categories: Musicianship, Vocals, Songwriting, Originality, Stage Show and Audience Response


  • The winners of each Heat, Semi Final and Final are at the discretion of the judges.

  • Each band entering will be allocated a Heat date, where they will perform a 20 minute set. The set length in the Semi Final and Final is 30 minutes.

  • Winners will be announced on the night, within 30 minutes of the last band playing on the night.


  • Each band member must be 18 or over.


  • All bands must be Auckland based.


  • The definition of a band is more than one performer playing original music together. Covers may be played during the live set but most of the judging categories will be based on the original songs in your set.


  • Load in on the nights of the performances will be 6:00pm with a band meeting taking place at 6:30pm on the night, of every heat/semi final/final. A minimum of 1 person from the band must attend the band meeting each night they are playing. The order of the bands will be announced at the band meeting on the night. The opening band will be required to do a line check before doors open on the night.


  • Ding Dong Lounge will provide the following gear:


For Guitars

1 x Marshall MX412A 240-watt 4×12″ Angled Extension cabinet 16-ohm mono
1 x Marshall MX412A 8412 140-watt Lead 4×12″ Straight cabinet 8-ohm mono

For Bass
1 x Bugera BN410TS 2800-watt 4 x 10″ bass speaker cabinet 8 ohms

  • Band members need to bring their own amp heads, leads, instruments, effects pedals etc.


  • Ding Dong Lounge will try to arrange with bands to share a drumkit, but this has not been confirmed so please be prepared to bring your own.


For more information about gear provided by Ding Dong Lounge please see the PA & Lighting Specifications here


  • Tickets will be available for each night, sold through or at the door on the night, if presales have not sold out. Partners, family and friends will need to pay for a ticket to see the bands play. For the Heats and Semi Final, Early Bird presales are $10. General Admission presales are $15 and door sales are $20 on the night, if presales do not sell out. For the Final, Early Bird presales are $15, General Admission presales are $20 and Door Sales will be $25, if presales do not sell out. All ticket money goes to Ding Dong Lounge to cover the costs of the event. No money will be paid out to bands from tickets or door sales.


  • Ding Dong Lounge reserves the right to disqualify any band entered in to the Ding Dong Lounge Bands Competition if Ding Dong Lounge believes anyone in the band is in breach of these terms and conditions or engaged in any unlawful or other improper conduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of the Ding Dong Lounge Bands Competition or the reputation of Ding Dong Lounge.


  • Ding Dong Lounge has the right to refuse the entry of any band into the competition at their discretion. A refund of the $25 application fee will be arranged, should this happen.


Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch soon.

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