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Skux Deluxe
Oct 14, 2022
In Musicians Wanted For Bands
Female singer/ rhythm guitar. Been a while, but have some experience, love rock , Hip-Hop, r & b jazz and everything in between. Would be gRest to team up with a band with a few singers! love that dynamic! Im Humble, fun, love music , team player lol, also have experience as a dj, I have an acoustic and electric guitar. As well as Drums, Mic, And some CDJs so just looking for the right vibe! Contact me at originals are cool but looking more to just get in there and have a go! hopefully I get some reply’s lol some female singers I vibe, tadpole, stellar, devilskin, Tool 👌🏾👌🏾Skunk anaise, erykah badu, Jennifer Hudson, queen B , portishead, Radiohead, a perfect circle , Metallica, portishead, bic runga I have a very eclectic taste,.. to all the latest stuff, always keen to give things a go ❤️
Female singer/ Rhythm guitar content media