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Enter names of Bands / Artists / Performers on the line up

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We offer a Subscription based membership where our regulars can sign up and receive access to discounted tickets for $2.99 per month and free entry into our main bar in weekends.

Offering a discount could attract more of our loyal regulars

Would you like to offer discounts for our Super Members?
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When do you want tickets to go on sale?

GST and ticket service fees will be deducted from the ticket sale price you've entered above, when we pay this out to you.

  • GST is 15% which we pay to the IRD for you

  • Ticket service fees are 2.5% on presales which we pay to our ticket service provider Wix

  • There are no ticket service fees on door sales

However, if you are GST registered then we will pay the GST to you after we receive a GST invoice from you.

By default, Early Bird presales are sold for 2 weeks after the tickets go on sale. If you wish to change the sale period or provide us with any other details, please do so in the last text box below.

Upload File

Please include artwork for us to use on our website to sell these tickets using frame dimensions 1920 x 1080 pixels

If you need help with getting the artwork to fit, please let us know

Thanks for submitting!

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