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Interview with Voodoo Bloo (Wellington) ahead of their show at Dead Witch this Saturday night

We caught up with Rory from Voodoo Bloo who play Dead Witch this Saturday 14 May with Melanie and Adult Friends.

Tickets are only $10 from UTR. Book here now!

Ding Dong Lounge: Tell us about your band? Rory: We make lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of noise. We also do have a new album coming out that we're real happy with, probably for fans of shoe-gaze and post-punk mostly, just a bunch of dudes that like to create some really cool stuff together.

Ding Dong Lounge: What are some of your influences? Rory: We are all really big Deftones and Interpol fans, but we also have others like MF Doom, Black Midi, Mr. Bungle, I even listen to a lot of panic at the disco.... may not be the proudest thing to admit but my point is that anything and everything that we like is taken as influence. Music is music and all music speaks to us.

Ding Dong Lounge: How long have you been together? Rory: My initial reaction to that was you were asking how long have I been married, and since I'm not married I was sent into a whirlwind of emotions, but anywho.... I think it's been 2 and a bit years at this point, it's really not been that long at all but I'm glad we're pumping out material as quick as we are, feels very satisfying.

Ding Dong Lounge: Where have you played in NZ? Have you played overseas? Rory: We've only really played in Auckland and Christchurch [aside from Wellington] so far, and we're so stoked to be returning again, but man, just wait till like next week, and we'll have a whole bunch of dates to give ya, and it definitely won't just be national shows....

Ding Dong Lounge: What are some of the best live music venues in New Zealand? Rory: Well, a hometown favorite will always be MEOW, it's just the coolest little setup, and since it looks like a library I get a slight kick out of making so much noise in there, feels like we shouldn't be playing so loud in somewhere with that theming, but other than that, Ding Dong and Darkroom are my definite two choices, Ding Dong for the theming and awesome look, but Darkroom in Christchurch for the small yet intense vibe.

Ding Dong Lounge: What's your drink of choice? Rory: This is the perfect time to plug our Voodoo Bloo Hazy IPA, but I'm an absolute sucker for cocktails. I love to be on my ass drunk in mere minutes, and nothing does that as well as a long island ice tea, come for the high alcohol count, stay for the sweet flavours.

Ding Dong Lounge: What are your plans for the future as a band? Rory: A McDonald's sponsored meal. All jokes aside, it's a bit of a hard one to answer as we've already achieved a lot of the things we set out to do initially, but I think to be able to support one of my childhood heroes like My Chem or The Strokes or something, that, that would be awesome.

Ding Dong Lounge: How do you cope with the wind in Wellington? Rory: We're all super huge movie and music nerds, so there's a one trick solution that'll be sure to keep you feeling warm in our climate!

Don't go outside.

Ding Dong Lounge has the Voodoo Bloo Hazy IPA by Boneface on tap this week. Make sure you give it a try!

Check out Melanie's video for their song 'Brains'

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