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MAINZ Closure Sparks Outrage and Online Petition to Save the Iconic Music Institute

The potential closure of the Music and Audio Institute of New Zealand (MAINZ) has caused widespread concern among students, alumni, and the music industry at large. As a result, Livi Whitehead has started an online petition urging Peter Winder, the Executive Director of Te Pūkenga, to keep the MAINZ Auckland campus open.

MAINZ, a renowned music institution that has produced artists such as Lorde, Kings, Troy Kingi, and Benee, faces potential closure after Te Pūkenga, the government-mandated merger of 16 polytechnics, decided against repairing its flood-damaged campus. The Tertiary Education Union has urged supporters to submit their thoughts on the importance of MAINZ before Te Pūkenga makes its final decision on March 29.

The petition, which has gained significant traction, highlights the unfair treatment of students who were left without an alternative education provider or pastoral care when they were informed that their courses would no longer proceed. It also emphasizes the legal obligation that MAINZ has to its students to ensure they can complete their degrees.

The petition underscores the unique role MAINZ plays in the music industry, functioning as a family rather than just an institution. This environment fosters lifelong connections and networks for its students, which has led to the success of many well-known artists.

Several petition signatories have shared their reasons for supporting the cause. One professional in the music industry noted that MAINZ is New Zealand's strongest institution for contemporary music and audio engineering training. Another supporter emphasized the importance of MAINZ in providing vital education pathways for New Zealand musicians.

The petition urges the wider community to support the cause by signing and, if possible, writing a letter of support for MAINZ to Peter Winder. The final decision on the closure of MAINZ's Auckland campus is expected in April.

The potential closure of MAINZ has shaken the New Zealand music industry, as students, alumni, and professionals rally to save the beloved institution. MAINZ has been an integral part of the local music scene, and its closure would undoubtedly leave a significant void in the industry.

For more information on the petition and how to support MAINZ, please visit:


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