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Unite the Metal Legion: Vote for Shepherds Reign and Prepare for Blitz Metal Fest

(Image credit: Jonathan Wiener/Enkhbat Nyamkhishig/Martin Rahn/)

New Zealand metal fans, it's time to show your support for our local talent, Shepherds Reign, as they go up against metal heavyweights like Metallica, The Hu, and After The Burial in Metal Hammer's new track of the week. Cast your vote and come together at Blitz Metal Fest on Saturday, April 8, at Ding Dong Lounge for an unforgettable night of Kiwi metal.

Here's a quick rundown of the bands and songs you can vote for this week, with a special focus on our very own Shepherds Reign:

  1. Metallica - "72 Seasons": Metallica's 11th album takes them back to their thrash roots and celebrates the first 18 years of a listener's life.

  2. The Hu ft. Serj Tankian & DL (Bad Wolves) - "Black Thunder": Mongolian folk metal meets English lyrics and shamanistic chants in this powerful collaboration.

  3. After The Burial - "Nothing Gold": Prog-metal veterans return with a blend of dexterous guitars, roaring mosh calls, and crowd-baiting choruses.

  4. Shepherds Reign - "Ua Masa’a": New Zealand's own Shepherds Reign explores domestic violence and their Polynesian heritage through hard-hitting groove metal. Show your support by voting for this exceptional song!

Vote for your favourite metal song this week at the following link:

Don't forget to join us at Blitz Metal Fest on April 8 at Ding Dong Lounge, featuring Shepherds Reign, Deathnir, Forsaken Age, Teraset, Black Gravel City, and Senarius. This three-level metal party will have two stages, promising an epic night of metal camaraderie. Grab your tickets at and let's unite to support our local talent.


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