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Wastemaster Takes Over Ding Dong Lounge for a Night of Punk Rock, New Wave, Goth, and More!

Get ready for an unforgettable night of punk rock, new wave, goth and more, as Wastemaster, aka Andrew Boak, takes the booth at Ding Dong Lounge's main bar on Friday, June 23.

With over two decades of experience spinning records in San Francisco, Auckland, and London, Wastemaster brings an unparalleled passion and knowledge of the punk and alternative/indie scene. From his extensive work in the music industry working for Rough Trade Distribution, to his massive music collection spanning various genres and more than 3 decades, Wastemaster is renowned for curating an electrifying atmosphere that captivates music lovers of all kinds.

Wastemaster has graced the decks of numerous clubs in San "Frandisco," and recently he has found a home at a goth/new wave/punk club where he spins as a special guest every few months or so, even sharing the DJ Booth with David J from Bauhaus/Love and Rockets. It's a testament to his deep connection and influence within the alternative music community.

However, this event is not just about dancing—it's about creating an immersive experience for everyone who appreciates the raw, unapologetic spirit of punk, goth, and associated genres. Whether you prefer to hit the dance floor, unwind in the cozy booths, or relax at the bar, Wastemaster's carefully curated selection will transport you to the heart of the punk rock revolution and back again.

Andrew Boak, the mastermind behind Wastemaster, has been a driving force in the New Zealand punk scene for decades. As a member of the noisy Auckland punk band No Tag in the 1980s, Boak's contributions to Kiwi punk history cannot be understated. While his band members had the opportunity to support the Dead Kennedys in Auckland, and lend their voices to the DK’s album "Bedtime for Democracy," whilst on their way to London, Boak's impact extended far beyond those achievements. His dedication to punk music goes hand in hand with his commitment to community spirit. Through Punk It Up—a “sort of” annual event that has become a highly anticipated highlight of the AKL live music calendar—Boak aims to unite punk enthusiasts with musically interested punters, and create an environment that celebrates the rebellious and DIY ethos that defines the genre. By bringing together market stalls, historical photos, and representatives from local organizations, along with reforming the original Aotearoa punk bands that started the whole movement, Punk It Up offers an immersive experience that goes beyond the music alone.

So, mark your calendars for Friday, June 23, and join us at Ding Dong Lounge as Wastemaster unleashes a sonic storm of punk rock, new wave, and goth music, with a few rare gems thrown in for good measure. Whether you're a dedicated punk fanatic or simply curious about the genre, this is an opportunity to witness the infectious energy and musical prowess of Wastemaster, courtesy of Andrew Boak.

Secure your $5 tickets now and prepare for a night that will leave you craving for more of the punk rock and goth revolution.

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