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40 free posters for everyone who plays a gig during NZ Music Month

Phantom Billstickers are putting their money where their mouth is. Every band or performer who plays anywhere in Aotearoa during May is entitled to 40 free A3 posters in Phantom’s street poster network to boost their audience.

The posters will be printed for free and placed in Phantom’s purple frames to let music lovers know what’s on.

“NZ Music Month is the industry’s chance to showcase its talent,” says Phantom CEO Robin McDonnell. “We want to see venues packed with fans while bands remind them that nothing beats live music.

“It’s why we got into the poster business in the first place.”

Not uncoincidentally, 2022 marks 40 years since Phantom Billstickers pasted up its very first street poster.

“The first Phantom street poster campaign was to help fill a Christchurch venue for a Kiwi band, and we’ve never stopped since,” says McDonnell. “We reckon NZ Music Month in 2022 provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate our 40th birthday.”

The Phantom offer is straightforward. If you’re planning a gig during May, hit them up for 40 free posters. You’ll need to include the NZ Music Month and Phantom Billstickers logos on your artwork. Then all you have to do is book your venue and give Phantom a call.

Speaking for the NZ Music Commission, Rodney Fisher says the initiative will help all kinds of acts reach new audiences and widen their appeal.

“Physical posters on the street are a great way to level up your presence, and this initiative from the legendary Phantom Billstickers is a chance to get your show repped on the street as part of NZ Music Month.”

Performers looking take up the NZ Music Month offer should contact Phantom’s arts representative Anton Burian on

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About Phantom

Founded in 1982, Phantom operates New Zealand’s largest street poster network, with over 6,500 frames on sites from Whangārei to Invercargill.

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