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Bands wanted

A lot of our events have been postponed due to the Red Traffic Light settings and capacity restrictions in our live music venue, Dead Witch. So we're looking for bands to get behind us, support the venue and play shows! Current restrictions mean we can host up to 30 people, spaced out. Given the costs of running a venue, we’re looking at how we can best stay open to support live music, and if you have something in mind then please get in touch.

What we can provide in the Red Traffic Light setting

Performance space with Stage and Full PA including Live Sound Engineer

Korean Fried Chicken or Cauliflower (Vegan) & Curly Fries plus a few drinks each for band member

Event and band promotion through our Social Media pages, our Website and Local Gig Guides

Backline including:

For Guitars 1 x Marshall MX412A 240-watt 4×12″ Angled Extension cabinet 16-ohm mono 1 x Marshall MX412A 8412 140-watt Lead 4×12″ Straight cabinet 8-ohm mono For Bass 1 x Bugera BN410TS 2800-watt 4 x 10″ bass speaker cabinet 8 ohms You will need to bring your own amp heads and leads

Drum kit to be discussed.

Please note all performers and audience members must hold a valid Vaccine Passport due to government restrictions.

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