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Chow-Chow, Out Now, See How, Meow Meow?

Chow-Chow, the brand new single from ARE WE DEAD YET recorded live by Scallywag Records, Check it out here. No Sandwiches were made during the filming of this video!

Scallywag Records is taking The scene to a whole new level, releasing top-notch content designed to support the artists who are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. The series named “The Live Rooms” is a NON PROFIT PROJECT aimed to showcase some of the best local artists out there, With stunning video production, exciting studio quality audio and humour to keep us entertained during any lockdown. It’s truly something that the industry has been lacking. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up to date with all the new episodes here - CHANNEL LINK

Scallywag Records “The Live Rooms” is supported by The Stage Music Centre,, AJM NZ Photography and Primal Mastering. This is a non-profit project designed to support the music community. You can show your support by liking and subscribing today!

If you are a solo artist, band, or musical act, and you would like to have your very own live performance video and interview, Then get in touch NOW -

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